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Live Sessions: People… Places… and Pickin’

*This DVD features players Duane Eddy, Phil Keaggy, Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Wariner, Rob Ickes, Andy Leftwich, Aubrey Dykes (Doyle’s brother), Caleb Dykes (Doyle’s son), and Nashville pickers Dave Pomeroy, Jimmy Capps, and John Gardner.

1. Return to Avalon
2. Martha's Kitchen
3. Drew's Texas Swing
4. Tennessee Stomp
5. One Riot One Guitar
6. Knebworth Dream
7. At Swangley's Farm
8. Blue Cathedral
9. Thumpy
10. All Be Done Dink
11. Red Clay
12. One the Great North Road
13. Duane Thang
14. In Appalachia
15. Bridging the Gap
16. The Old Missionary Goes Home
17. The Mouse Ran In and the Kitty Came Out
18. Here in the Middle
19. The Lord's Prayer
20. Londonderry Air
21. What a Friend We Have in Jesus