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***SOLD OUT - Quintessential Collection: Volumes 1-4


All Doyle originals!!

Volume 1 includes:
Jazz in the Box
The Wings of the Morning
Martha’s Kitchen
Bob’s Guitar Lesson (Bonus Track)
Caleb’s Report
The Road Back Home
Misty Nights in Tokyo
Mana Melody
Mission of St. Holli
Hero Sandwich (Nylon Version)
Shadows of the Heart
The Visitation
Angels’ Desire (Live Version)

Volume 2 includes:

Twin Six Shooters
Birmingham Steele
White Rose for Heidi
Three Little Miracles (with Duane Eddy)
Me n’ Jesus and My Old Guitar
The Jawbone
Self Portrait on Acoustic Guitar
Self Portrait on Jazz Guitar
Self Portrait on Nylon String Guitar
Angels’ Desire
Battle in the Valley Of Elah
“Bubba” GAD
The Music of the Night Ships
Loving Rita (Live Version)

Volume 3 includes:
Gitarre (Guitar) 2000
Country Fried Pickin’
The Lights of Marfa (Haley “Dykes” Johnson and Duane Eddy)
White Rose for Heidi (Live Version)
Peace Over Shanghai
Too Happy Blues
Three Chords and a Cloud of Dust
Celtic Cowboy
Hero Sandwich (Electric Version)
Ransom for Rio
The Great Roundup
The Changing of the Guard
The Visitation (Live Version)

Volume 4 includes:
Howling of the Wood
Nothing’s Too Good (For a Friend)
A Call to Freedom
Duane Thang (with Duane Eddy)
“Sweet Tea Memories” dialogue – Return to Avalon (Acoustic Version)
Return to Avalon
Laguna Sand
H.E.A.T. (Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and Tomatoes)
Doerita Forever
Miss Haley’s Music Box
Beyond Our Highest Dreams
Be Still
Nothing’s Too Good (For a Friend)